Class Action Learning Complete Program:

Included in the Program:
• Seven multi-media platforms (videos) for download
• Seven mp3 music tracks for download
• Pdf instructions for download

Engine Engine No.9 - Chanting the traditional American children’s poem provides a propelling beat for walking, chugging, and free movement and group activities with opportunities for listening to directions and taking turns.

Stormy Weather - Based on the chorus from a traditional southern sea chantey, this simple pentatonic melody supports the concept that when the going gets rough we all pull together.

When Cats Get Up in the Morning - This quintessential children’s song is attributed to a folk song from the British Isles. Dramatic play with animal movements and sounds makes this the perfect activity for rainy days.

When Cats Get Up in the Jungle - Evocative symphonic music entices the students to move and mimic the five jungle animals (Lion, bull frog, elephant, snake, and gorilla) as they take turns moving and roaring, croaking, trumpeting, hissing, and more.

The Blue Alligator Blues - Based on the standard twelve-bar blues pattern of the Boogie Woogie,  the lyrics direct the actions of the participants.

Bow Wow Wow - Traditional children’s game which is sung in every tonality ascending they chromatic scale. Children love the surprise encounters with their classmates while following specific actions based on four beat phrases. Promotes healthy interactive relationships.

The Teddy Bear Circus - The traditional jump rope tune, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around… provides the basis for a complete dramatic story. Students play the roles of the ringmaster, dancing bears, and high wire performers all dressed as teddy bears as they perform.

Included with the program is a “free” e book to be delivered through your email upon activation of the program purchase.

Adventures in Integrative Education

This book offers an overview of child development concepts and educational methodology told through the eyes of the author in the back story of how this program was first experienced.

Complete Program: $199.00

*All music produced by Jan Magray and Arts of the Spirit/DBA Class Action Learning. All video songs published by Arts of the Spirit ©2011. All rights reserved


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Class Action Learning

The Ballad of the Black Drumfish

What do you get?:

  • Downloadable Mp3 music tracks for practice (16 tracks).
  • PDF printable book for coloring and instructions).
  • Community blog access.
Class Action Learning