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About Us

Jan Magray has combined her love for music, traditional musicianship training, and contemporary improvisational techniques into a unique method of learning musical skills while making music with others. Realizing the challenge facing most educational and after-school programs, she sought to design and test effective yet affordable ways to incorporate positive music expression to share musical success through singing and playing games in a safe and supportive context.

The outcome of this effort is the production of video songs prepared and presented by children for children. Jan holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota, an M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College, completed a graduate certificate in Music Education at The Kodaly Center of America, Boston, and is a graduate of the musicianship program at Music for People.

What People Are Saying...

Testimonial #1:
“Jan Magray has eloquently and insightfully captured a desperate need in our society to make education exciting and accessible to all children. This educator has created a format that allows for this method of learning to be easily incorporated into mainstream curriculum.” KARA SALOMON, MA – Behavior Therapist and Special Needs Educator
Testimonial #2:
“Magray has a knack for presenting an easy-to-use and much-needed solution while explaining its value. The book ‘Adventures in Integrative Education’ is a true gem of a book.” – SYLVIA ROCKWELL, Ph.D. Former Assistant Professor of Education at St. Leo University

You Will...

• whole child learning.
• second language learning.
• integrative learning.
• practice goals.
• kinesthetic sensory input.
• imaginative settings.
• flexibility in implementation.

• skill development.
• collaborative teacher options.
• multi-sensory directives.
• classroom management guides.
• cross-curricular learning.
• the arts and humanities.

Plus: Joy, Fun, Movement, Laughter, and Lots of Musical Expressions!


Can I make payment arrangements?

Yes.  To make payment arrangements, contact Jan Magray directly at (727) 247-4240 or by email at:

Is this course always available?

Yes, this course can be completed on your own time and available 24/7.

Who can I contact if I want additional one-on-one or group coaching?

Contact Jan Magray at or at (727) 247-4240.

Do you provide live virtual training?

Yes, both live virtual training programs are available. Contact Jan Magray for more information at (727) 247-4240.

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