An Innovation

in Classroom Presentation

Interactive, Multi-Sensory Learning

Class Action Learning

ACT - SING - and PLAY!

Brighten your students’ day to meet whole child needs by providing music and movement-based expressive activities for students in the primary grades in all learning environments.

Add academic growth and development through integrative educational options.

Discover carefully designed multimedia video platforms in which information presented allows for multi-sensory input and experiential learning.

Provide the much-needed peer-to-peer interaction for social, emotional, and active self-development, while allowing for individual differences and skills.

Allow the presenter to move from the top-down teacher role to that of coach or mentor and experience the value of observing how their student is learning.

  • Class Action Learning videos provide purposeful activities and are an innovative and flexible online resource for the primary grades.
  • The audiovisual platforms are a breakthrough in classroom presentation materials and adaptable for learning at home or the traditional classroom.
  • Students of diverse learning styles and age groups become engaged by the amusing stories and uplifting music and actions provided by the video songs.
  • Teachers are invited to set parameters, goals, and directions.
  • Students and teachers interact in a nonjudgmental and expressive re-enactment of the story and work together to accomplish positive outcomes.
  • Musical phrases and cues set boundaries while students practice reading, speaking, listening, following directions, and collaborating.
Class Action Learning

Stormy Weather Sample Video Includes clips of rehearsals as well as short sample of video.

  • Moving to music
  • Listening to directions
  • Creative interpretation
  • Following musical cues
  • Working together
  • Speak, sing, read, and play

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When Cats Get Up In The Morning

Listening for appropriate response.

Moving to lilting 6/8 meter.

Creative interpretation.

Following directions.

Vocal Sound production

Independent thinking.


When Cats Get Up in the Morning.

When Cats Get Up In The Morning (3)

Careful listening to musical cues.

Creative movement.

Listening to the music for directions.

Taking turns.

Vocal Sound production.

Story telling, writing, spelling, etc.


When Cats Get Up in the Jungle

When Cats Get Up In The Morning

Listening to directions.
Left/right foot movement
following the beat.
Taking turns.
Adjusting to tempo (fast vs. slow).
Working with rhyming words.
Speak, spell, write, and respond.


Engine Engine Number Nine

When Cats Get Up In The Morning (4)

Playing distinct roles.

Listening to musical cues.

Vocal sound production.

Following directions.

Walking on beat on floor line.

Sing, play, and count.

Create your own musical production.

The Teddy Bear Circus

When Cats Get Up In The Morning (1)

Following the lyrics/directions.
Moving whole body to music.
Acting out the words with moves.
Create backstory, act, and sing.
Create costumes and backdrops.
Listening for content.
Positive interaction with others.


The Blue Alligator Blues

When Cats Get Up In The Morning (5)

Interactive response.

Listening to directions.

Following/counting beats.

Great mixer activity.

Rhyming words.

Circle game.

Bow Wow Wow


Class Action Learning

“Jan Magray has eloquently and insightfully captured a desperate need in our society to make education exciting and accessible to all children.

This educator has created a format that allows for this method of learning to be easily incorporated into mainstream curriculum.”

~ Kara Salomon, MA Behavior Therapist and Special Needs Educator

Class Action Learning

Magray has a knack for presenting an easy-to-use and much needed solution while explaining its value. The book “Adventures in Integrative Education” is a true gem of a book.”

~ Sylvia Rockwell, Ph.D. Former Assistant Professor of Education at St. Leo University