Music Class

Carefully orchestrated background music sets the mood, directs the activities and evokes kinesthetic response. All melodic content is based on authentic folk music.

Active Learning

Positive interactive activities include hand clapping, walking to the beat and taking turns. The music provides direction.

Each video offers opportunities for role playing. In The Teddy Bear Circus there are roles for a ringmaster, the fortune teller, circus high wire performers, ballerinas, and dancing bears. It is also great fun to dress up as a clown!

Even the Boogie Woogie directs action through the rhyming tale. The Blue Alligator tells about the need for active movement for healthy well-being.

ballad of the black drumfish

The Ballad of the Black Drumfish Coloring Book – Includes 16 Tracks

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You will get in this Book:
* Downloadable Mp3 music tracks for practice – (16 audio tracks)
* PDF printable book for coloring.
* Complete book instructions.

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CEO & Founder

Welcome to Class Action Learning! My name is Jan Magray and I want to invite you and other teachers, parents, and students around the world to join with me to support positive expression while doing purposeful learning.It is important to understand that it is not just “what” the student learns but also “how” they learn that results in well balanced healthy children and positive school environments.

As an educator for more than fifty years, it wasn’t until I worked with students in an after school program that I had the freedom to create a curriculum based on the needs of the students. I was challenged to design a way to capture the attention of the students in order to be able to communicate with them. My book, “Adventures in Integrative Education,” explains the whole process which is set in the often humorous back story of these experiences.

Numerous scholarly articles tell how the child of today is a “new” kind of student – adept at learning through online electronic media that increases their knowledge. At the same time, parents tell how frustrated their children are and how difficult the whole learning environment has become. It is time to work together to to allow these factions to lead us to discover a more meaningful way to deliver content while allowing for healthy whole child activities.

Children need to move. They need to make noise! They need to laugh and jump and climb trees while pretending that they are in the Tarzan movie. Creativity, imagination, expression, and interaction are all necessary aspects of whole child development. The time is now for making necessary adaptations for our children.

Play As You Learn with Content Presentation Videos for Whole Child Multi-Sensory Activities

Summer Camp

Summer camps provide a safe and fun learning environment. The videos promote exploration, new skill development, and positive communication.


Every child has hidden potential. It is our job to help discover that gift. Learning through holistic ways supports mental well-being.

Active Leaning

Students need to participate and interact with their surroundings to support learning. Active learning is key! Activities like brainstorming, problem solving, and group work meet that need.

Theater Plan

Theater activities always serve to be great experiences for students. Role play along with directed responsibilities can help children grasp knowledge in a joyful manner. Imagination provides multi-sensory and experiential learning.

Drawing & Painting

Students are enticed to prepare, draw, create, and construct support materials. Students can create a backdrop on a curtain, make headbands with dog ear shapes and turn every day objects into magical accessories.

Sing & Dance

The approach to learning provides the unique experience to students to interact with their mentors in nonjudgemental ways. Listening, echoing, reading, writing, and following directions allow for collaboration with other students. Everyone learns while having fun!

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