Adventures in Integrative Education


Tools for Success in the Primary Grades
Adventures in Integrative Education is a practical and easily accessible guidebook that tells both “why” and shows “how” teachers of the primary grades can meet core curriculum goals while providing the expressive, physical, and social requirements for ‘whole child’ learning. Integrative Education is highly successful, but few teachers can make time for the extensive lesson design and preparation it requires. This book and companion multimedia platform, The Blue Alligator Blues and Other Video Songs, provide the means for presenting and integrating information into a workable system for learning. The video songs provide easily adaptable activities that enhance literacy for learners with diverse abilities and needs. “Jan Magray has eloquently and insightfully captured a desperate need in our society to make education exciting and accessible to all children. This educator has created a format that allows for this method of learning to be easily incorporated into mainstream curriculum.” Kara Salomon, M.A., Behavioral Therapist and Special Needs Educator. “Magray has a knack for presenting an easy to use and much needed solution while explaining its value. A true gem of a book.” Sylvia Rockwell, former Assistant Professor of Education at St. Leo University.


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